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Orcas Island, WA

I love spending time outdoors, gardening, running and raising my fleeced friends!
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

postheadericon She is here!!!!

Yeah! The last cria of the year is here for us to enjoy! Drum roll please! Introducing Mickey's soft, oh so darn soft, baby girl! As is always the case here we are toying with different names, so jump on in and help us choose if you would. Remember the name must contain the name of an herb to be in keeping with our self imposed herb theme this year.
Yes, this is a call to action!

postheadericon Cows in My Meadow

It is no secret to my immediate family that I love my neighbor’s cattle. On misty mornings I love to wake up and find that Bob Ottie has moved his steer to the pasture that can be seen from my front porch.

Imagine my delight when he came riding up, yes, I did say riding, like on a horse, to my home to ask if he could pasture his cows on my lower field for a few days. It was almost like winning the lottery, okay a little lottery.