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Sunday, April 18, 2010

postheadericon Show Season 2010 Part One

Okay so we went to our first show of the year- Alpaca Western Extravaganza! My goodness it was very competitive!!!

We brought home the following awards:

  • Autumn Diva: Our munchkin took a fourth in a very competitive class of 15. I was sooo proud. Thank you Kahana for showing her
  • Wolf Den Cimmaron: Ahhh I haven't told you about him have I? He is a new boy I bought with Krystal Acres for stud. (He deserves and will get his own entire entry) He took a fourth also.
  • Orcas Moon's Sage Prince: He took a fantastic 5th place in a tough field of 10. What a great result. Again thanks Kahana for showing 'Buddy'
Wow! What a great show for us.

Next weekend we are off to scenic (yeah right) Pasco, Washington for the Northwest Alpaca Showcase. This was a great show last year. We are again helping with color check of all the animals for the show. It is such a great opportunity to see, touch and look over a diverse bunch of animals from all over the West. I can't wait!

And yes I do have pictures to post!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

postheadericon Happy Easter to All

The girls and I decided that we were spending waaaaaay too much time training those pesky babies and that they needed a 'day of beauty' Maybe a new color for spring?

A Blessed and Happy Easter!