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Monday, February 28, 2011

postheadericon Pretty Kitty Update

Today I received an anonymous letter from someone who was upset about my cat, "Pretty Kitty"

This brave person, who didn't sign their name, is obviously not a frequent reader of my blog, nor are they are familiar with my sense humor, nor the high level of love, attention and care I provide all of my animals adopted or otherwise. My self deprecating sense humor about how I feel about a specific species of animals in this case, cats, has no relation to my affection for and how I treat, Pretty Kitty.

I would never deny any creature the love, attention and care they deserve.

Believe it or not, I do not blog on every occurrence here on the farm. The day after Pretty Kitty arrived she was whisked away directly to our local vet for a check up, worming and to be checked that she was spayed ---which she is.

She has since been moved comfortably into the barn with access to a warm, safe, indoor place to sleep with fresh food and water.

My most heartfelt apologies to the Orcas Island Animal Protection Society who does great work. I feel confident that if I had any doubts about Pretty Kitty, and thus had chosen to take her to them they would have found her a great home.

She has chosen to live here with us and we are glad she is here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

postheadericon Smitten Kitten- My Secret Valentine

Well nothing says I love you like three dead voles all lined up in front of your office door.

Thank you Pretty Kitty!

Friday, February 11, 2011

postheadericon Spring Training!

Spring Training has begun in earnest.

I am in the process of getting those cute little cria to tow the line and walk like the pretty little creatures they are. You know, my arm candy.

Actually, halter training is a must for herd management. It makes everything run more smoothly and safely on the farm. We have a couple of older girls, or shall I say more mature, that are not halter trained. Any time we need to halter and move them it is a challenge for me and a huge stress for them and that is when they are healthy, forget about what is does to them if they are ill.

Sheering is a great example of when you really wish all of your animals would walk on a lead for you. It is stressful all around. I am stressed, the animals are stressed, and farmer Jeff is stressed- not sure why? but he is.

If the animals have a serious medical problem that I or my local vet can't handle here on the farm, it requires either a trip to mainland with the animal- expensive but not too hard if you can handle you animal, or an all expense paid trip for the vet to come here from the mainland. No ferry for her, she flies and charges by the hour.

Taking the animal to the vet instead of the other way around is much more economical. Having an animal that is familiar with how the lead works makes travel easier and safer.

Besides it is fun to have a big animal to walk with you! Talk about arm candy.