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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

postheadericon Alpacapalooza 2011

So I always have the best of intentions with regard to giving you the blow by blow of the show as it happens. I even bring my computer, camera and my witty thinking cap. Honestly by the end of a busy day driving, setting up, scooping up, and showing I am, and I don't say this often, done in.

The drive down to Alpacapalooza was tough. I have gotten accustomed to driving with the trailer- turn wide- slow down way ahead of time...etc. What made this drive challenging was the weather. Imagine, it was still raining (okay not funny) There was tons of water on the road and big semis trying to blow us over. On the up side there was no rain on the other side of Olympia and none at all while we were unloading.

Luke was a champ. He was also for the most part the team photographer. Here are a few pictures taken through a nine-year-olds eyes all except the ones I took of him.

Checking the schedule

Getting ready to take Pippi in the ring

Showing off those teeth!

Pippi front view- Luke eyes on the Judge

The ribbon winners-
Luke is way at the other end with a big-ole-ribbon!

Our girls smiling for the camera- Pippi, Summer and Holly-B

Not to be outdone are our boys Ranger, Klackama (smiling of course)
and Buddy distinguished in profile.

This is a Suri- Luke was quite taken with them.

Everyone loves ribbons

Suri fleece up close and personal


Another Suri

This is someones animal getting ready to go in the ring!
Rolling in hay.

An entire bunch of Suris getting ready to go in the ring.

Home again, Home again, jiggity jog.