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Monday, May 10, 2010

postheadericon Show Season the Sequel

The show season continued to be a challenge. The competition was fierce. It is hard to compete with farms that have 50+ babies to choose from each year. I brought everything that I had and was delighted to take home more than my fare share of ribbons.

Northwest Alpaca Showcase:

Cimarron, Autumn Diva (aka Munchin Martian), and Sage Prince (aka Buddy) all took home some hardware. Kahana and I were lucky enough to have Jeff's aunt along from Sun Valley to help with all of the animals and making sure we made it to the ring on time.

Columbia Alpaca Breeder Association:

Our best show, in my most humble opinion was the Columbia Alpacas Breeder Association the CABA Classic. Interestingly this show last year proved to be our toughest for us. Funny huh? Cimarron, Buddy, Diva and Summer all came away with ribbons. I was most delighted with Summers performance. White is notoriously the most difficult classes and we were able to pull off a fourth!!!! (White is challenging because there are a large number of breeders that breed only white. White fleece is most useful as it can be dyed any color.)
This was Luke's (my eight year olds) first show and he was amazingly helpful and a fine showman in the ring too!