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Thursday, October 21, 2010

postheadericon Cria and Mom Matching Game- Not Really

I had this vision (don't worry it was only a vision no voices or anything) of making a really cool cria and mom matching game. No such luck. By the time I was able to find the pictures and sort them all out, re-size them etc. I knew you were never going to play a matching game on my blog. Enjoy the pictures if you want to play a game well find one somewhere else.

We were so lucky to have four beautiful cria this year. We had two girls and two boys.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

postheadericon Let's Dish

Our new dishwasher came today! Did you know that you need to hire someone to put it in? I am not doing THAT. Okay so I am counting my lucky stars that I have myself a new dishwasher...what I really wanted was a Stihl weed-wacker but...Anyway a girl can dream.

I actually thought I could just sweet talk the delivery guy to install it. NOT. Apparently they don't do that. Who knew? Something about having to hard wire or something.

Well you have seen me take the spurs off a rooster, what should be scary about a little electricity and plumbing? Thank you YouTube!

The dishwasher is in- thank you very much. It does have a little leak on the hot water line that I will fix tomorrow with a plumbers tape. I just don't seem to have any around.

I would come put yours in but well you can't afford me! The hourly rate would break you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

postheadericon Here They Are!!! Teenagers!

Luke and Pink Lady


Luke grooming Pink Lady...she is eating it up!

Pink Lady, hair all combed up. She IS smiling.

Did I mention they were Donkeys?

Scared you didn't I?
Welcome Pink Lady and Marika!!!
Thank you Lum Family!
Monday, October 11, 2010

postheadericon Our Family is Growing!...a Little

Anyone familiar with Jeff, my farm man, and I know that we have been discussing adoption for almost a year. We have researched, visited and interviewed. Well it all came together on Sunday, a little sooner than we both thought.

We are both thrilled with our new girls. The boys are over the moon especially Luke. All he wants to do is take check on them, take care of them and love them. The girls were living with a family here on the island but were both born in Canada. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow. If I get them taken.

It is all very exciting!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

postheadericon Wake-up Frank!

You know it is fall when I have to get up earlier than Frank the rooster to get my kids to crew practice. I love when I get to wake up the rooster- payback!

Visit the Orcas Island Rowing Association.