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Monday, January 24, 2011

postheadericon My Reading Life

Okay, so a well known writer, whose books I have never read, writes a book about books he has read and how they fit into his life to make him who he is. What a great book idea huh?

Well that is what Pat Conroy wrote about in his book My Reading Life. I thought I would share this book with you because I know I can look back in mark time and periods in my life with what I was reading.

From my initial reading of his book I could tell that he had a crummy life in many respects. I at that point almost put it down- there is enough of that in the world I don't need to read about his issues.

But I kept on reading and enjoyed

  1. The interesting stories he tells about who set him on the path of reading a certain book and how it effected him.
  2. Loved it when I had read one of the books he read and could reflect on how it changed him/me or reminded him/me a period of his life. This happens to all of us...doesn't it?
  3. When it ended. Frankly, I was happy it was over because I could go back and think about books I have read during different periods of my life.
See, so, I have saved you from having to read this book because I have told you what it is all about. Take a seat and think about books that you have read during dynamic periods in your life---ponder them.

If you still want to read it. I will randomly select whoever emails me with an interest in it and send them my copy- I have already read it! (yup- my copy-not new-so don't expect it to be)

Happy Reading!

emails can be sent to

Please someone take this book off my hands.
Saturday, January 22, 2011

postheadericon Donkey Day of Beauty!

Brave Marika goes first.

Even though I have been doing the up-keep on our donkey girls hooves (hee-hawwww) I thought they deserved a professional pedicure to make them feel special.

We had a great farrier come over from Lopez island to trim and polish- okay no polish- I was willing but farmer Jeff thought it was over the top...maybe next time.

This was my first farrier experience, Greg came right on time and we were off to the pasture. Once I called the girls over he got a little twinkle in his eye and said 'I know these girls- Pink Lady and Marika right?' Apparently he had worked on their feet when they lived elsewhere, two owners ago and a couple of islands over. An aside-as usual- they are never having another owner they now live here and will always live here- aren't I the luckiest?

I glowed with pride when he told me how wonderful they looked and how well they took to getting their feet lifted up and picked out. Pink Lady alas is a little too buxom but we will continue to work on that. He suggested fencing them off a small part of their pasture with a gravel base where they can't graze all day. An added benefit to this is that their hooves would wear down naturally and I wouldn't have to trim their hooves as often. Win-Win---unless you are Pink Lady who does so enjoy a good graze.

Here are a few shots of the whole affair.

File and Buff

Don't forget the front hooves.

...Because I am worth it
Thursday, January 13, 2011

postheadericon The Things People Say- Today

Today I heard so darn many things,

"Oh you meant that account?"

"Yeah, that Father Dave is getting married!"

"Your arms are one of the only body parts everyone sees naked"

"Squeeze it then you'll know."

"I only grazed it."

"Just put in on already"

"Can't we get a pond?"

"Did someone say meatballs?"


"You're a sassy one aren't you?"

"I called and called then I just came over."

"So you are the new manager?...excellent"

"Let's make Taylor Swift go away."

"I wish you had been here just 30 seconds ago."

"Yuck, you put your hand where?"

"Skim, why do you want skim- decaf yeah but skim I don't get"

It is just a taste of only a few of the crazy things people say to me. Do you understand why I spend so much time with animals?

Monday, January 10, 2011

postheadericon Book Em Danno

Well here we are a new year-or shall I say here we are, a week or so ago, a new year?

Just because I haven't been updating doesn't mean that nothing is going on. As a matter of fact our last holiday visitor just left over the weekend. I guess that means the new year is really here.

Things are a bit status quo with the animals right now- welcome to January. Before the end of February we will again be a flurry of activity. Weening, training etc. And I am slipping in a quick vacation- first since becoming my new farmer self a few years ago - A-L-O-H-A!!!!

What do I do when I am not breaking ice on the water buckets, hauling hay, working out, running, tending to the humans in my life, going to school and starting my new job- (not ready to share on that yet but I am oh so very excited!)

I read of course.

I thought I would send a couple of good, and maybe not so good, book reviews your way. So hold onto your reading glasses- or maybe get yourself a glass of something. I suggest something strong, or at least hot.

I don't know how often this new idea is going to last but as I read all the time maybe I can come up with a good one every week while is is slow.

Let's see how it goes.

Oh- and I don't book club- ICK