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Monday, February 28, 2011

postheadericon Pretty Kitty Update

Today I received an anonymous letter from someone who was upset about my cat, "Pretty Kitty"

This brave person, who didn't sign their name, is obviously not a frequent reader of my blog, nor are they are familiar with my sense humor, nor the high level of love, attention and care I provide all of my animals adopted or otherwise. My self deprecating sense humor about how I feel about a specific species of animals in this case, cats, has no relation to my affection for and how I treat, Pretty Kitty.

I would never deny any creature the love, attention and care they deserve.

Believe it or not, I do not blog on every occurrence here on the farm. The day after Pretty Kitty arrived she was whisked away directly to our local vet for a check up, worming and to be checked that she was spayed ---which she is.

She has since been moved comfortably into the barn with access to a warm, safe, indoor place to sleep with fresh food and water.

My most heartfelt apologies to the Orcas Island Animal Protection Society who does great work. I feel confident that if I had any doubts about Pretty Kitty, and thus had chosen to take her to them they would have found her a great home.

She has chosen to live here with us and we are glad she is here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
Sorry someone misunderstood your comments. As I responded before...kitty's pick their homes and special peole to love and to love them.
I can assure any readers....the love, care and attention showered upon the animals at Orcas Moon Alpacas is above and beyond the normal. Miss Kitty is, believe me, living a very special life and it's no simple "barn". So, be at ease....Miss Kitty and all the other critters are family members! A.C.

Anonymous said...

I am a very close friend of Mrs. Pietsch's and she showed me the letter in question and is very upset about it. To whoever sent it, you are a terrible person, she loves her animals with all her heart and would never hurt or mistreat any living creature especially those on her farm. How could you even begin to talk that way about someone you don't even know? If you had half a heart you would apologize immediately you foul creature, you should be ashamed. By sending this letter to other organizations local or otherwise you give a wonderful person a bad name. I look down upon you, you serpent!

Anonymous said...

With all due honesty the person who wrote this letter to her has no sense what so ever. If they even had heart they would apologize(not to mention sense as I found the cat nazi thing hilarious). Another thing on the matter that I find funny is that clearly this writer of the letter has never heard of the 1st amendment. And on that note I also want to point out that the person who wrote this letter to you Jennifer is a coward as they have not revealed their names. If the writer of the letter had any real guts they would have stated their name. Also with all due respect the person who wrote this to you Jennifer really has no reason to fret as you probably take better care of animals then the anonymous writer could ever dream of.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read that your wonderful dry sense of humor has gotten you into trouble. As a faithful reader of your blog I appreciate your witty commentary on everyday life on the farm and find the often tongue in cheek practical advice refreshing and helpful.
Gotta wonder about folks dashing off poison pen anonymous letters about people they never met and places they’ve never seen. People with true convictions are not afraid to reveal themselves having thoroughly investigated the situation. Had they done so, the anonymous letter would sound as ridiculous to them as it does to all of us who have actually met you and seen the love, care and dedication to EACH and EVERY one of the people and critters who are privileged to call Orcas Moon their home.

Anonymous said...

To send an anonymous slanderous letter in response to a humorous bit of writing in a blog is one thing but to then distribute copies of the letter to a variety of people and agencies in an effort to malign the author of the blog, to blemish her good name and standing in the community is quite another. It is irresponsible, malicious, vicious and yes, criminal.

To the writer of the letter I respond: “get a life, and moreover get a sense of humor; it appears you’ve been spending too much time worrying about the rights of animals while at the same time ignoring the rights of people to express their personal opinions.”


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like libel Ms Jennifer. I'd be more than happy to represent you and am happy to see the people that know you support you since you don't always get lots of comments per se. By the same token, to my friends above, let's take it down a notch and not stoop. Meanwhile, I know we are all happy that you continue to write and keep us updated on you wonderful life. My best -- P.A.

Anonymous said...

Has the finger print analysis come back yet? Best, PA