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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

postheadericon All Ears!

Are you looking at me?...good looking huh?

Still keeping you posted on training. We are doing better each day. I decided to use my 'phone a friend' and find out how to get my team to keep their heads held high. Kathy, who has amazing animals, and a special relationship with each one suggested that I just hold the lead at their eye level. She said that the animal will just follow the hand and look up.

Who knew? how simple was that? Okay so we are not one-hundred percent but a huge improvement over only a couple of days. I think the animals are happier seeing where they are going anyway.

Oh, back to the title of the post.
Here are a few pictures of the cria and their ears.

Ranger aka Tug

The ever lovely Holly-B

Clackama- ears at half-mast

Pippi where are your ears?

Oh there they are!


Anonymous said...

Great photos Jen...You're so right tho'....could it be so simple to have them hold up their heads....yay for "easy"! Keep up the good work.
They are so so cute.....makes you want to just hug and pet them.