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Monday, May 13, 2013

postheadericon Lilly

One of these sheep is not like the others!  Meet Lilly.  Verna and Dolly are pretty much like giant dogs.  They are very friendly and enjoy a quick nuzzly pet.  Lilly does not.

Lilly is pretty much scared of everything having to do with people.  This manifests itself by her running like a wild one away from humans.  I know you are thinking she is a sheep not a pet, let her be.  I understand this completely however as she gets closer to lambing it is her best interest to let me make sure that all is well.  

Our friend and sheep mentor Eric came over to help one day with moving the girls.  Eric has all sorts of sheep experience and is pretty much game for any challenge.  In Lilly he met his match.  Here’s how it went.    

We both walk over to get our hands on Lilly and she is having no part of it.  She runs right past me at which point Eric laughs…hard.  Eric  decides he better buckle down and show me how it is done.  Instead of running by Eric she runs OVER Eric.  I had never seen anything like it.  Eric was airborne.  I think there was even a little squeal that came out of his mouth.  I, in retrospect should have run right over make sure he wasn’t killed or injured but for the life of me I couldn’t compose myself.  I was breathless with laughter, knee slapping, choking back tears, can’t catch my breath laughing.
Eric was a bit humbled.  We together struggled to get Lilly moved and the night ended well.

The next day Eric found me at the Farmers’ Market to show me a T-shirt he had made the night before, after his Lilly experience.  His wife Amy told me he spent a considerable amount of time on it.  I wish I had a photo.  It was a drawing of Lilly with a score card Eric 0- Lilly 1—

What a piece of humble pie.  We all had a huge laugh- Amy, Jeff and I a little huger than Eric’s!
Below are a couple of nice pictures of ever so very pregnant Lily!