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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

postheadericon On Lambing

Lambing is a tricky business.  Unlike alpacas they have no respect for keeping regular birthing hours.  Alpacas are pretty reliable morning birthers.  Sheep are not.
Verna belongs to our friends and just came along to be bred when Joey was here. She was having such a great time she stayed. 
My experience with Verna was exhausting.  I could tell her time was getting close because her belly was huge and her udder was getting there too.  She would groan when she laid down, when she got up, okay pretty much whenever she thought someone would listen. 
I was officially on lamb watch which was find during the day- except when I was at work- but at night I had to set an alarm to make sure that I could be at Verna’s beck and call.  The night she lambed I had gotten up three times- needless to say I had gone to bed very early.  I guess she didn’t need any help because the next time I went down Lollychop and Petunia were right there chasing Verna for milk- That whole Verna milk thing is a different story.