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Monday, May 6, 2013

postheadericon Awe Rats!

No really…Rats!  Well a couple of weeks ago I thought I heard scratching around in the barn I wrote it off to the swallows return and their strong desire to re-inhabit their old nests.  I think I was in denial.  Right up until I saw one a rat running by just leaving Pretty Kitty’s food bowl. 
What to do about rats presents a problem.  I can’t use poison on account of Pretty Kitty and Chickens carnivorous tendencies.  Along the same lines I can’t use a trap.  So I went to the internet where one can actually find all sorts of ways to get rid of rats and unwanted rodents. 
One of my new favorite websites is  I was able to find a solution to my problem.  They sell a poison box that only rats/mice can get into.  I know you are thinking that Pretty Kitty and the chickens may still be tempted to eat a tainted rat.  No worries-  also sells traps that can go in the box so you don’t need to use poison.  Problem solved.  Now my only problem is that I have to dump the darn things into the compost pile.  Ackkkk rats!