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Monday, May 13, 2013

postheadericon Well Hello Dolly!

Dolly- A Lot to Love- 225 pounds of love!

Dolly lives at our house- I am not sure she will ever live anyplace else.  She belongs to our friend’s daughter Martha.  Dolly moved here because she kept tipping herself over onto her back and couldn’t get herself upright again.  Picture a giant wooly turtle stuck on its back.  What she really needed was a first alert for sheep.  “Help! I have rolled over and can’t get up!"
Dolly is full figured.  She used to be really fat and then she came to my house to be put on the Jenny Craig diet.  She is now just a plus size sheep model.  She doesn’t tip over anymore,  this probably has more to due with my pasture being on a hill but I like to think we have trimmed her down.  Now she is pregnant so I am cutting her some slack.
Martha took Dolly to the fair and won every ribbon imaginable even the best fiber rosette.  The ribbon was truly as big as Martha.  

Dolly is a love and she loves to be loved.