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Friday, December 10, 2010

postheadericon 15-Tile-Game


No I don't actually have a photo of the alpaca of the day. But I can spin a yarn about why I don't. I sound a little like a teenager who dented your car and will now try and tell you how it was not their fault.

I just didn't take a picture of him- I didn't think he was staying at our house for long.

Farmer Jeff has a great camera which I don't use-way too complicated to be fun and flexible, and my children left my-indestructible- kinda like one you would give a preschooler- camera with our friend on their last fishing trip. It will come back...they have promised.

I will now describe Chaska- aka-Cha Cha- aka Cha Cha Loco- aka Buckwheat.

Chaska came over with a friend- Cimarron who we owned half of. Long story short, Cimarron passed away and Cha Cha is here to stay (ackkk I am starting to rhyme).

Chaska is from our friends farm Krystal Acres. He is amazing in every way. His fleece is dense his demeanor is gentle and he likes to talk (I love an alpaca that can hold up his end of the conversation). Whenever I go down to feed, scoop or even just to garden near-by there is my buddy Cha Cha hummin' along.

He is out of an fantastic sire- Emerald Farms Rincon Cloud and is a handsome eyeful so I suppose he will make a great cria- we will see if all goes well he and our little Autumn Diva will hear the pitter-patter of little padded feet come summer. If not, I am sure that Chaska is more than willing to give it another go!

Don't lose patience, I am getting to the 15-tile-game title
Today was a HUGE Day for our brown guy. We moved him in with the "big boys".

We- when I say WE, I really mean ME- moved all of the 'pacs around today. Doing this reminds me of doing the 15 tile-game. There are certain animals that shouldn't share a fence line, (big boys and any girls) some that can (little boys and girls, donkey girls and anyone, little boys and anyone) knowing this it is tricky to move all the animals around to avoid who needs to be avoided.
There was a little rumbling at the beginning but I am holding out high high hopes that he fits in and finds his place. If it doesn't work we can do something else.

I got everyone moved and decided to try Chaska with the big boys. He seems happy.

I will get some pictures tomorrow or more likely Sunday. Farmer Jeff is coming home!!!


Anonymous said...

Miss are so very clever!


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