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Thursday, December 23, 2010

postheadericon A Penny for your Thoughts

Do you know how when you throw a dinner party you sometimes invite an extra couple who will probably be able to get on with the others invited? At our home we call them The Buffer. The buffer at our house is usually one of our best friends- they also usually know they are the buffer.

Here is our herd buffer none other than the biggest- size wise not attitude wise- boy on the farm. He is the easygoing ever-so-handsome and debonair,


In addition to being the largest, easiest to get along with guy around Penny has a secret--- he has amazing fleece. One of finest on the farm- what makes this great is that he is so large that he makes tons of it - figuratively of course. He actually sheers about 8 pounds of white gold.

Don't you just want to jump right in there?

Oops I didn't mention this- I try to forget- Penny doesn't belong to us- here he is with his owner soaking up the love. She is coming for a visit next week so I'll put up some more photos of the love fest that I am sure will ensue.

Here is our buffer getting on well with the big boys.
He even welcomed flat Stanley for a visit and shared his grain
Always first up for shearing and always reassuring his buddies!

Penny has as of late been hangin' with the little boys and keeping them in check, although I am pretty sure he would like to be back with Chaska living the high life. Here are a few facts about Penny you don't know.
  • He loves to eat laying down. Hay or grain it doesn't matter.
  • He needs his top knot trimmed about monthly it is always growing.
  • He is fluent in three languages- okay not really.
  • He will not walk across slippery mud or squishy sand.
  • When we moved here he wasn't halter trained- now he walks like a dream.
  • He startles easily when you get behind him- he has a great reach with those back legs- ouch!
  • He has been the first animal shorn on shearing day for the last two years.
  • He is easygoing but not a pushover 'nobody puts Penny in a corner'
  • He tends toward foot rot in his front right foot- don't know why.
We love our (I know he isn't really ours) Penny and are glad to be able to have him at our farm.

Thanks A.C.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, wrote a comment yesterday but it didn't post. Just wanted to thank you for keeping my man and taking such good care of him. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with him when I'm there....and the others too. Give me chores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!See you soon.A.C.

Jennifer said...

Don't forget to bring your work boots! We can't wait to see you!


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