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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

postheadericon You say Amish, I say Polish, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

Well I trust you all had a great Christmas (yes, I did use the C word, I am all about Christmas)

I have, believe it or not, had 4 emails (about the blog, I have had numerous other emails just nothing about being a farmer!) since the end of the 24 days of alpacas- three were begging- not just asking- begging- pretty dramatic huh? me to continue my adventure in blogging.

The other email was just asking me to learn how to use commas better- jerk.

So today we had a couple of sets of visitors.

One of Garett's crew coaches had family in town, with young children. He was looking to spend a little time on the farm. Wow, we had a great time. You really don't appreciate how special and wonderful your life is until you get to share it with others. If you think I ramble when I write, you should get me in person.

The visiting family was great we spent over an hour getting to know all of my friends- Adelaide, a little darling three year old was particularly taken with the chickens. For some reason everyone is. I always think of them as flowers that walk around my yard entertaining me. She got to hold Quetzal and pet Frank our big rooster. One and Two even produced a couple of eggs for her and her brothers breakfast tomorrow.

Marika and Pink lady both gave rides and all the alpaca are well fed. I am almost glowing with optimism that usually holds off until the daffodils com in March. I am so glad they came.

After the hub bub and excitement of Martin and his family I settled down to get some other work done. I was sitting in my office/exercise room/feed storage/ medicine room/ store storage/ everything room and I see Luke walking by with a couple of other visitors.

Where are these people coming from? Don't they know it's winter? Anyway, Luke was up and running with a farm tour. I briefly tried to take over but he waved me away and the visitors didn't seem to want me either-imagine?

Later, when we were having dinner Luke was re-capping his day to his brothers. "I even gave a tour to some Amish" I heard him say. My head whipped around so fast- Amish? Luke? I spoke with those visitors, they weren't Amish. "Yes they were." I had to doubt him in front of his brothers which I try not to ever do but... "Honey, I think they were Polish" I said trying to contain a laugh. "Oh, that makes more sense, they didn't even have beards" Luke said

We all busted out laughing so hard. I now have a sore gut.

Happy almost New Year.



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