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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

postheadericon Anthropomorphism Much?

Okay so I really do think of animals very much the same way I do people. I however usually like most animals better than most people- except cats- spooky. We finished up the three little boys yesterday and when I went to feed and water the big boys they all looked a little dejected. They really do often get the raw end of the deal.

In the summer they don't get to be up by the house and enjoy the visitors, most of whom came to see the babies. The most the big boys get from the visitor traffic is usually having me point and say- those down there, they are the big boys. Ohhh the '
big boys' visitors say like my big boys are going to jump the fence and run them down. They of course wouldn't dream of such a thing.

So after I finish the '
big "we always get muddy end of the stick" boys' I really will choose randomly. I am kinda random anyway. (Not a news flash for regular readers)

I'll get on with it now. Let's start at the top...of the pecking order that is.

Presenting the biggest of the big:


We all think that Chaucer looks remarkably like George Washington the founder of our country.

What do you think? Can you see the resemblance?

Chaucer is a BIG boy but gentle. Let me give you a little perspective- big is relative- he only weighs just over 200 pounds and I can look him in the eye. He is the father of a number of animals on the farm, Buddy, Manhattan, and our recently passed away Channel. He stamps each of his offspring with the same respectful attitude and demeanor. To see him stand and watch over the girls and rest of the boys on the farm you can really see him being the commander and chief.

Here is a little story about our big white guy. Background first. At around six months we wean the babies and this is how I have been going about it. Girls go in a separate field with a couple of maidens and the boys go with Pendragon a gentle gelding who will show them the ropes and keep them company.

When we weaned the little boys last year it meant that we needed to put our two year old in with the big boys. When Valentino switched fields and joined the big guys he really thought he should be the man in charge. Day after day for weeks Valentino tried to dominate Chaucer. If you saw the two together you would laugh at the entire idea.

Day after day Chaucer held his temper and didn't take Valentino's lack of respect out on him. I would have but I'm spiteful like that.

Thankfully Gentleman Chaucer kept world or pasture peace with the diplomacy and grace absent in many of today's leaders.

I really must get more photos taken. Maybe a new years resolution?


Anonymous said...

Jen, I'm really really enjoying your daily stories......I'd even forgotten "the green" faces. I'm ready for more!
Keep up the entertaining and interesting stories.


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