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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

postheadericon She has Bette Davis Eyes!

Move over Bette- there's a new girl in town ...

Va Va Va Voom it's

Doesn't the name just reek of glamor and class. Manhattan is the full package.

I know you know but, she is another one of my absolute favorites- I mean it this time.

Manhattan is Ember's daughter by that handsome male Chaucer. They really got it right with Maddie, fleece, good looks, mothering ability, friendly and my god those eyes!! She has these little curls that come down around her face and her kohl smudged eyes that make you want to give her anything she wants. Grain, oh I would love to give you grain Maddie, hay, oh let me get that for you too. Back rub? New car? sure what ever you want darling.

The eyes have it!

Maddie for all of her beauty only went to one show. By the time we moved to Orcas, Maddie was only eligible to show one more year. I took her and Brooklyn. You can read how that turned out for Brooklyn here.

Manhattan the glamorous beauty... got the gate. We were set up to not do well from the get go. There is always a story huh?

The show was Alpacapalooza and there were three show rings being judged at the same time. Manhattan was in the middle ring with activity brewing on either side. The activity wasn't a real distraction until the ring closest to where she and I were being judged started an obstacle course portion of a class that some shows have. I don't want to judge, but why stop now. I am not sure why one needs to make an alpaca walk through hula hoops while someone dressed like a clown honks a horn and throws confetti. But I am not bitter that my alpaca couldn't even be close to the circus that was taking place not 10 feet from us. (Well that was a lie- I am a little bitter.)

I have moved on from that experience and Manhattan never cared anyway. She has given us two gang buster beautiful cria- Summer Thyme and this years bucket of yummy- Clackama. You haven't met him yet so stay won't be long there are only a few more days until Christmas!!

Pretty and a great Mom- the real deal !!

Keeping a close eye on Summer!

My favorite girl crush Manhattan!!!


Anonymous said...

How do you do it....your blogs are wonderful and I'm thrilled that I can look just before bed or first thing in the morning to add smiles to my day. You realize, of course, you are spoiling us! We will expect your creative insights daily. I know this won't happen but thank you for the spoiling now! A.C.


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