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Monday, December 6, 2010

postheadericon Rockin' around the Christmas Tree!!!

Yes, I am still going at it with the Christmas songs. It may/will become more difficult for you to read, and me to come up with as the month goes on. Sorry for us both.

Harken back to a couple of days ago and Brooklyn and her general lack of desire about nursing. Well, the mother of next 'little boy' is her sister. I could probably stop right here and let you fill in the blanks but I will go on only because I promised an animal a day.

Orcas Moon's Rocky Cilantro

He sounds like he should be a hit man in Queens but he is just a funny little alpaca
boy. Born to the fairy- Tinkerbelle, he is a bundle of spittin' funiness.

Rocky has been a fighter from the start- hence his name. He is also a little bit of a joke- hence his name.

Rocky joined the world on a fantastic summer day. It was picture perfect for alpaca birthin'- unless you are Tinkerbelle his mother. Tinkerbelle is busy. She is busy, busy, busy contemplating the universe. She is busy in a Zen sort of way. You know lots of watching birds and grass growing and the farmer across the street. Babies? not on the agenda. Birthing is for other alpaca- not her. She is busy.

Wow! Rocky rocked her world! She was not claiming ownership of him, sounds faintly like Brooklyn? She didn't even recognize him? Baby? what Baby? It might have been a classic case of post-traumatic stress or general disregard for her motherly responsibility.

Luckily Rocky is a fighter when it comes to getting what he wants (kinda a spitter too, but I digress). M-I-L-K that's what he wanted. Even if we needed to halter and hold his mom he wasn't giving up until he got what he came for. This is both good and bad. Rocky only liked milk- no grain- no hay- a little grass and a whole lot of milk.

Try and halter-train an animal that can't be bribed with food. Good Luck. Well because I am an amazing animal communicator-or just really lucky getting him to bend to my will, we did get him trained up and sent packing to the shows.

Here is just one more story about my little bunny Rock-a-Mow-Joe. I was getting ready to take him into the show ring, but he didn't feel quite like going so he covered my glasses in- I am trying to think of a funny way to say it but, there just isn't one- Spit. Luckily A.C. was there to rescue me and hold Rocky while I wiped my glasses off- green- yuck.

I turned around to claim him and she too had gotten a faceful of green. A. C. handed Rocky off to my ever so lint free, spit free, always quite put together friend Kris Olson. I quickly went to get him before any more damage was done and ...well...I was tooooo late. Green is NOT Kris's color.

Rocky is a funny little boy! We wouldn't change him for the world.



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