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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

postheadericon Holly- It Ain't Just for Christmas Anymore!

This is not random I just wanted to talk about her today - It is Prada's little bundle of joy- The youngest in the Wu Dynasty- Ho Ho Ho it is


What a dumb name huh? Just ask my Mom she'll tell you and then she will go on to tell you that I wasn't even home when this miracle hit the ground!

Let's back up.

My kids needed haircuts- Garett was sporting a Justin Bieber- Kahana was hiding fishing gear in his hair and we think maybe a small animal and Luke shaggy dog- couldn't even find his ears- which probably needed cleaning.

In the summer we always look for an excuse for a boat trip to Lopez we usually go to the Barber deVille...and to Farmer Jeff's favorite spot for cinnamon rolls- Holly B's Bakery. Lopez also has the best farmers market.

Well- everything looked good at home with the animals. Manhattan, Prada and Minnie were all due with their babies on the same day and no one looked ready except Manhattan who already had hers the week before.

Off we went on a 3-hour tour- okay maybe a little longer.

Farmers market, Holly's best buns- (their slogan non mine) hair cuts, a morning on the water and home again.

We turned the corner to our house and as a reflex (probably from being a teacher or just weird) I counted all the animals- Houston we have an extra.

Who is that hiding in there?

Where are you taking my baby?

Big, Brown and running around is, you guessed it, Holly B!!!

She is the most curious of the bunch of new cria. She loves to run up to you and touch noses and breath you in - this is a singular experience. What is amazing is that she brings here mom Prada along with her. Prada will now eat out of my hand- really not figuratively.

Holly is a pistol. She is always up for fun and trouble. She doesn't care who she plays with she just wants an adventure. We love our Holly- B

Wanna play?


Anonymous said... your writing style Mrs. Farmer !

Anonymous said...

Me too! This is very good for learning about raising these animals, thank you.


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