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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

postheadericon Star of Wonder

The boy's name Phoebus \

pho(e)-bus\ is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Phoebus is "bright, radiant". The sun god Apollo was also known as Phoebus Apollo, referring to the fact that he brought light.

One of the lights of our farms life is our boy Phoebus- funny name handsome boy.

Here is our boy. Since we moved to Orcas and bought our animals Phoebus and Chaucer- from yesterday- have been together. (look I surprised you, and made a link) Phoebus is gooood looking. He however wouldn't probably be able to tell you that because he often can't see. He has a very stylish head of hair that is in constant need of a trim. He has a full on alpaca afro. The upside of this is he always has his head held high. He looks like quite the man about town.

Phoebus is one of my childs favorite alpacas on the farm. We also call him the ninja. Phoebus can kick in any direction without warning. He doesn't do it on purpose really he just gets startled and kicks out. Have I been on the receiving end of the Ninja? Oh yeah, does it hurt? Oh yeah it smarts quite a bit. My kids think it is a riot when I get a little smack in the leg, me, not so much.

The worst incident of the Ninja kicking was when it was time for yearly vaccinations. (I know get on with it-you can see where this is going) We contain the animals in a catch pen, in this case the three- 'big boys'. Whenever I get all three big boys in a pen I must move quickly. They get all excited and think someone is going to get a breeding- I can count on one hand the number of times this has been the case- breeding that is.

Onward. I was just about to give Chaucer a shot and he decided that he should give Phoebus a little sniff- Bam, I never saw it coming. No Phoebus didn't kick me - just made me vaccinate myself for the year- I am not going to need
my Clostridium Perfringens Types C and D- Tetanus Toxid for the next year!!!

Phoebus in the front with his afro and Chaucer looking ever so much the herdsire he is in the back right! See that handsome guy in distance on the left- you are going to love him!



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