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Sunday, December 19, 2010

postheadericon Hi Ho Silver!!!

It's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's Minnie's boy


Oh my god I love this little man!!!
(and well, what's not to love what a bundle of alpaca loveliness
doesn't he just look ready for the show ring?)

This is our boy Ranger. Okay it is really Minnie's little guy. Ahhh what to say?

Minnie lost her baby last year so we were paying very close attention to how her pregnancy and labor progressed this year. Do you notice we don't really have any of those 'birth' pictures like we took of Carmen and Autumn?

Ranger is just like his Mom very easy going. He loves to explore and see what the 'little boys' are up to and even enjoys a little cria fighting with Maddie's boy Klackama. What I find most interesting about our Ranger is that he and his sister- Holly B have a very close relationship.

Holly and Ranger have the same father, Onyx de Mico. We have other 'pacs that share a parent but don't really have a 'relationship' like Holly and Ranger. They are often together and mess around like brother and sister. They love to explore-but only together. They also enjoy ganging up on Klackama.

I know it is unheard of but I have- only on one occasion- caught Ranger nursing on Prada- I am not sure if this is because Minnie was MIA but you should have seen the hell he caught from Prada when she realized what was going on!

Here comes the best part of my posts--- the pictures!

Welcome little one!

Where is the milk?

Me and My Mom! x2! What a great day!


Anonymous said...

OMG...another winner. I think you need to do a book of some sort!


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