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Sunday, December 12, 2010

postheadericon Trina Queen Mum

[Guest Post by Jeff]

When Jennifer asked me to write about a favorite Alpaca for the 25-days of Christmas series, Miss Trina was the easy choice. Why? She's the Queen Mum, of course!

Trina is the grand matron of the Brown Family; mother to Tinkerbell, Carmen and Brooklyn; grandmother to Rocky, Pipi, Muncho and Valentino. But she is more than that: she is also Leader of the Ladies, Queen of the Herd. As such, she is first to assist new mothers, greet their babies, arbitrate all disputes, and otherwise lead the everyday wanderings and activities of the group. What Trina says goes, and where she goes, the herd goes.

No matter when we look over the fields, Trina is looking back up at us; letting us know she has everything under control, is on the alert for predators, and is ready to lead the herd up for feeding time on the shortest of notice.

With her tan curly locks, ankle white 'socks', happy face and pleasant disposition, it is no wonder that she is our farm brochure cover girl.

To be honest and with affection, Trina also reminds me a bit of my mother-in-law Jutta: she is the glue of the family; she always has her fashionable brown travel suit at the ready; she is the Queen Mum; and we love her dearly. She is our Miss Trina!


Anonymous said...

Well done Farmer Jeff!


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