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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

postheadericon Even Mother Doesn't Believe I can Do It!

Thanks Mom for your extreme vote of confidence. I can tell you are behind me all the way.

I have puzzled over what order to talk about all of my fabulous fleeced friends with you, but really haven't come up with a plan. (Don't worry I didn't hurt myself with all of that thinking.) I really don't have a favorite but there are days that some are more entertaining than others.

So...totally almost at random...

Number 126

Ahhhh The Queen!

Mickey is our oldest girl in number of years on earth but one of the youngest we have on our farm in spunk and attitude.

You are probably wondering why
  1. I prefaced her name with a number- 126?
  2. I call her The Queen - much like someone would call the president (whose name I cannot bring myself to utter) Mr. President.
  3. We sometimes even call her Susan
Number 126

When Jeff, the kids and I moved to our new home I was seriously concerned how I would ever be able to tell all of these camels apart. My goodness they all looked the same. It took me less than a week of 'getting to know them' (scooping poop, feeding etc.) to figure out who they all were and how they fit in.

Mickey was a standout- she had a number tag in her ear...icky. Animals aren't numbers especially on my farm. The first thing I did once I figured out who everybody was, was to get that darn thing out of her ear. All it took was scissors. I saved the tag to remind me who she was when I moved in. It hurts me to even look at it.

The Queen

She is ALL that.

Mickey may be just a skinny little thing but man don't get in her way...or the way of her family. First in line for grain is always Mickey. Hay too, she is first. One more interesting thing about my girl Mickey is that she holds her head up high. We aren't sure if this is because she used to have really long fleece on her head or just really good posture but holy cow she always has her nose in the air.


Okay we have reasons why we call her Susan- she reminds my husband, my Mom and I of my ex-sister in law. Not in a bad way at all, Susan is a very nice person with incredible posture and taste for the finer things.

So there you go Mickey!!

Here is the best stealthy picture I could find of her- skinny girl going under the fence!

Okay so I will go and take a couple of head shots!



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